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‘ Hello Redding’ Connecticut News Article on Roland in Redding!

COMTOIS RETURNS TO REDDING October 12, 2014 by Susan Winters | 0 comments A few weeks ago, I attended an event at Kindred Spirits center on Ledgewood...

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Father, Mother, God … A Tool to Assist your Healing Healing

Healing refers to the balancing of one’s energy. We certainly understand that when we feel a sense of balance that we can accomplish anything that is...

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A Remembrance ‘A Tribute to the Power of the Human Spirit’

The one thing I’ve learned since that fateful day on 9-11 is that the power of the human spirit must be revered and celebrated. Each and every o...

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EVP’s…You’ve got to hear this!!!!! Love Transcends Time and Space.. Loving Kindness…

If you believe in the power of “spirit” – “loved ones” and their ability to communicate with us through electronic devic...

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